Winning new customer makes your company grow. Keeping customers loyal and satisfied makes your company profitable. We helps you do both, it’s the ideal solution for your company that take customer service seriously and want to be the best. Contact center provide Real-time customer service management, receive alerts immediately when service thresholds you’ve set have been exceeded. Take swift action to optimize call routing and ensure service levels. Get reports from all calls in progress, see how agents are doing and adjust accordingly and with optimize your staff’s productivity so your customer enjoy a professional, differentiated experience.

Our call control functionality provides your agents more professional interactions as they can make and accept calls directly from the browser, landline or IP phone. Our routing algorithms as a call center vendor redirect the call to the agent with the specialized knowledge to address the customer's needs.

Macropod shows a complete view of the customer by providing relevant information from the systems you use. The information about the customer data, including buying history and previous interactions with your company is shown in an intuitive interface. Your agents will be well informed before they reply the call and they will never go into a blind call. This information helps in improving your company's productivity and the customer experience. The information displayed when the customer calls, shorten call times and provide more pleasant customer experience as no repetition of information is required and you can fulfill your business needs that can increase conversion rates and increase more sales.

Macropod, call center solutions, automatically updates information into all integrated systems to get accurate information without opening multiple applications. The added advantage is that call center software is easy to use and synchronized system provided by call center vendor assist the agents to have accurate and updated information about the customers. Macropod call center solutions assists you by providing the best call center software solution to make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.

  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Panasonic
  • Yealink